Chuck Fang

I am Assistant Professor of Finance at Drexel University. My research interests are Credit Markets, Financial Institutions, and Monetary Policy. I'm particularly interested in the rise of nonbanks (e.g., mutual funds and ETFs) and financial innovations (e.g., smart contracts) and their implications for capital allocation. I received PhD in Finance from UPenn Wharton and BA in Economics, Mathematics and Statistics from UC Berkeley.

chuck dot fang at drexel dot edu


2023 August: I presented my paper "Liquidity Misallocation on Decentralized Exchanges" at JFDS Conference

2023 July: I attended the first week of NBER Summer Institute

2023 June: I presented my paper "Monetary Policy Amplification through Bond Fund Flows" at WFA

Working Papers


Work in Progress

What Drives Preference for Decentralization? with Austin Adams, Itay Goldstein and Xin Wan

Insurer Private Lending, with Shan Ge and Victoria Ivashina

Restructuring in the Covenant-Lite Era, with Vincent Buccola