Chuck Fang

I am an Assistant Professor of Finance at Drexel University. My research interests are Credit Markets, Monetary Policy, and Financial Innovations. I received PhD in Finance from UPenn Wharton in 2023 and BAs in Econ, Math and Stat from UC Berkeley in 2015. My Chinese name is Chenbo Fang 方辰博.

chuck dot fang at drexel dot edu


New Historical Bond-Compustat Link

I'm attending 2024 FIRS, 2024 WFA as discussant

I'm presenting my paper "Monetary Policy Amplification through Bond Fund Flows" at 2024 CEBRA, 2024 ICI, 2023 WFA

I'm presenting my paper "Liquidity Misallocation on Decentralized Exchanges" at 2024 Columbia TLDR, 2024 MFA

Working Paper


Work in Progress

A Demand Approach to Bond Market Transmission of Monetary Policy with Kairong Xiao

Capital Supply, Debt Maturity, and Real Investment with Greg Nini

Unrealized Losses and Arbitrage Capital in the Corporate Bond Market

Make Brown Firms Greener with Green Bonds

Dissecting Preference for Decentralization with Austin Adams, Itay Goldstein and Xin Wan


Cleaning Capital IQ Debt Structure

Cleaning Compustat